About Us

“When god created the horse, he spoke to the gorgeous creature: I made you to be unique. All treasures in the whole world lay between your eyes. You shall fly without wings and win without a sword” Prophet Mohammed

The Seahorse Riding Stable is located in the south of Hurghada: An oasis for humans and animals. About 30 staffs will attend for the well being of the guests and the nearly 50 horses. We impart, breed and sell purebred thoroughbred und partbred Arabian horses.

If you fell in love with one of our horses we gladly organize the way home. It’s not common in loanable stables to place the horses in amply boxes. We’ve got ventilators and the quintessentially Arabic cupola against the summerly heat.

The mare have got a daily run in the group in a huge sandpaddock, the stallions are able to run in two roundpens or on the lawn in front of our Arabic cafeteria.

Many horses of our stable are – like all desert breed – daintily, very frugal but sustained animals. Their physical daintily appearance is not comparable with the riding horses you know from home. Our horses are all well-fed, they often just don´t eat all their forage.

Also their constitution depends on the seasons. But you will be suprised by their power if it´s needed.

A mare with their foal is not used continuous at our rides to treat them with special care because of their lower energy. All horses are veterinary provided.

Unfortunately injuries caused due to edged rocks and the saltwater are inevitable. In the desert we cleanse the sweated horses or cool their legs in a tank. Fresh cut green fodder comes from the Nile from the more than hundred kilometers away Luxor.

In our shop we carry soft goods printed with horse motives, Egypt souvenirs, postcards of our horses made by the well known german horse photographer Christiane Slawik and traditional, Arabic show halters.

On the well groomed yard live other than the horses friendly dogs, cats, one North American goat flock, two monkeys, reams of rabbits, multiple donkeys and camels. All around the year we’ve got offsprings.

Therefore is our mixed animal community an attractive place of excursions for families with kids.